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A Proper Cider

At Stone Circle Cider, we love everything about cider — its simplicity, its tradition, its drinkability and, most of all, the diverse array of complex and beautiful flavors it affords those that get their hands on the best stuff. In pursuit of this passion, we are working tirelessly to bring to market a line of ciders that incorporates all of these  aspects in the way it has been made in Southwest England for over a thousand years … on the farm. We operate on our family farm, a beautiful property about 25 miles outside of Portland in Estacada, Oregon. 

We take tradition seriously.  By keeping the cider making process simple, choosing the right apples, and giving the cider time to age, we are able to make outstanding cider that is packed with richness and character.

Cider should be made from cider apples.  You don't make great wine with table grapes, and the same holds true for cider.  That is why we blend English bittersweet apples with American heirloom apples in all of our cider.

Apples are seasonal and so is cider making.  We press apple juice in the fall,  allow it to ferment and age slowly throughout the winter and spring, and enjoy it throughout the rest of the year.  Having patience with cider makes all the difference.

This is the tradition of cider and its history, and in our opinion is the only way to make proper cider.

The Farm

We own a 36 acre farm, just outside of Estacada, Oregon. It's a beatiful property that offers lovely views of the Willamette Valley and Coastal Range Mountains. The farm is currently largely planted in Christmas trees, but we began the transition to heirloom variety cider apples last winter. We'll be planting more as space becomes available this year!

The Orchard

We are establishing a traditional-holistic apple orchard. Instead of relying on synthetic poisons and fertilizers, we focus on the health of the trees by establishing a microorganism rich environment that enhances the tree's natural defenses against pests or blight. This is the responsible way to propagate apples and it produces a better quality cider fruit. More intensive approaches  usually require the addition of nitrogenous fertilization, which create fruits with more water, diluting the sugar and flavor in the juice.

The Barn

Still a diamond in the rough, our farm has a large '40s era barn that has been utilized for livestock and farm storage throughout its history.  We're in the process of cleaning it up and converting it into a space to relax, drink cider and enjoy the farm.  

The Pond

No farm is truly complete without a quaint little pond to be enjoyed.  Our  spring-fed pond is stocked with rainbow trout and is home to a variety of aquatic animals.  Lazy days are well spent feeding the fish or watching the Blue Heron show off its fishing skills, all enhanced with a cold glass of cider.  


The farm provides a healthy ecosystem for all sorts of plants and animals to thrive.  A stroll around the farm can beget all sorts of lovely finds including wild roses, blackberries, wild strawberries, trillium, foxglove, and much more.  Look to the trees and sky to watch the birds of prey as they stalk a variety of furry prey.  For the more adventurous, Sasquatch is rumored to roam the area.

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